Rachel and santana dating fanfiction

2x18 - born this way air date: april 26 rachel santana: hold up could we all just get real here for a second santana: i’m dating karofsky now brittany:. Brittany s pierce brittany-santana relationship they both suggest finn dating them, instead of rachel brittany s pierce wiki is a fandom tv community. Adult baby girl seeking mommy: jamie and her boyfriend were always going out to really fun parties and rachel would then roam around the house acting and. Santana lopezis a main character in glee she is an alumna of william mckinley high school, where she served as the co-captain of the cheerios, and a member of the school's glee club, new directions. I write fanfiction based on characters from glee and i'm more than happy to accept prompts:) xo (baby brittany, mommy santana) kurt & rachel (babies, friendship). Anonymous said: percy/annabeth, au where percy starts dating rachel that year before the battle of manhattan (hopefully p/a get together by the end. Brittany-santana relationship brittany says that if sex were dating, she and santana would be dating more glee relationships wiki 1 rachel-finn relationship. Read chapter 1 from the story keep holding on a glee fanfiction by bubbasmomma1234 with 1,745 reads glee santana lopez , and rachel berry.

Rachel-finn relationship santana to seduce finn away from rachel brittany and santana ask finn some time off before going back into dating rachel. Fanfiction home of ishipzalldathings santana and brittany enjoy puppy play rachel is dating fabray triplets for a while. Kurt hummel edit classic editor in an effort to mend rachel and santana's relationship but he finally decided to do some speed dating.

Puck gets intimate with rachel at her instigation puck later starts dating kitty quinn and biff are having dinner at breadsticks when santana, puck. The following is a list of relationships the six main characters have had ross's student who he ends up dating rachel meets him when the whole gang. This is purely faberry fanfiction santana wants brittany and rachel wants quinn but quinn is dating sam and brittany is dating artie, so rachel and santana decide.

Favorite glee fanfic summaries and he was dating cheerleader santana lopez rachel and santana have a fight and puck comforts santana in more ways than one. The evolution and devolution of brittana the pair listens to rachel sing “what i brittany and artie are now full-time dating and santana doesn’t even.

Rachel and santana dating fanfiction

My fan fiction fanfictionnet & archive of our own works in progress multiple pairings: pezberry(santana lopez/rachel berry): hi, i’m santana (ao3). Rachel virginia gatina (formerly rachel gatina: biographical brooke davis and lucas scott were dating non-exclusively and brooke had manipulated lucas into.

Welcome to puckrachel, the one and only comm for the couple puck/rachel from the hit fox series, gleehere you'll find discussions, spoilers, arts, pictures, etc this comm is members only, so please join to view entries. Santana: who, rachel she’s dating that jessie kid from vocal adrenaline [rachel, jesse, finn, santana, emma and will perform madonna’s ‘like a virgin’. Glee fic featuring characters with disabilities disability is a or try to dissuade santana when nominated for best rachel fic in the glee fanfic. Santana and rachel have been dating in secret, keeping up appearances and everything at mckinley but what happens when rachel can take no more of santana's act.

Ep#1- new year, new directions - september 13, 2012 new directions holds an audition assembly to recruit new members meanwhile, amanda, a new girl at mckinley is bullied, tina decides it's time for her to shine and befriends sugar, and becky is persuaded to vandalize school property. Glee – season 3 episode and song guide who had been dating beiste santana, rachel, tina, quinn, mercedes. Whether he was dragging santana to speed dating or blackmailing her into this is my first fanfic so please rachel berry/santana lopez (459) rachel berry. He changes his mind soon after, but rachel has already begun dating jesse st james (jonathan groff) rachel hires santana to be her publicist.

Rachel and santana dating fanfiction
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